Meet The Tribe | James Dooner

TFC Australia's founder James Dooner has spent most of his physiotherapy career working closely with people with chronic pain and severe functional impairments. These experiences have made him very passionate about holistic lifestyle and environmental changes - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

James realised that the feet could be a gateway to a more natural and movement-centric way of life that honours the needs of our human physiology. So he started TFC Australia to help provide people with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to look after their own bodies from the ground up.



  • Susan Kennedy

    James do you practice in brisbane and do you offer sessions (1:1 or small group) for absolute beginners ?

  • Maria Harms

    Hi James,
    thanks for your phone call to discuss my order a few weeks ago – i am really enjoying the balance beams. Unfortunately, our little dog chewed up one of the cork stands for the oak beam – can i order a replacement? Also, i would like to order an oak balance beam for my sister for her birthday.
    I’m not sure how to order the spare part for mine, so i will wait to hear from you and order it all at once.
    kind regards
    Maria Harms
    Yeppoon Qld
    Phone: 0419 782 767

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