Meet The Tribe | Mick Breen

Mick Breen is a myotherapist and TFC Foot Nerd based in Melbourne Australia. Through playing sport at an elite level, Mick has encountered numerous injuries and career-ending knee reconstructions. From this, and through 14 years in the Fitness Industry, Mick has built a passion for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and movement.

He believes that the best form of medicine is through movement and that it all starts with the feet! Unlock the potential in your feet to fully experience your body the way it was designed.

We recorded this podcast episode while visiting Mick at CrossFit Soul Rebel in Thornbury which was the location for our Feet Balance and Play workshop as well as Mick’s Natural Running Workshop, which we discuss throughout the episode along with some important concepts around rehab and therapy, strength and conditioning and movement nutrition. 

You can also watch Mick's story below!

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