Tutorials from TFC health professionals designed to help you restore your foundation and explore your potential.


Experiencing a specific foot or ankle condition? Watch these videos for exercises aimed at helping reduce pain and improve function.

Beginner 🟢

Try these sessions in a range of different stances to identify your current level then keep exploring your limits.

Intermediate 🟦

It's time to take this relationship with your soles to the next level. For an extra challenge try the beginner sessions using the intermediate stances.

Partner 🤝

If you think solo SoleMate Sessions are fun, wait until you play with a partner! Give these a go with a family member or friend and discover what being a SoleMate really means.


We're stoked to see you're already taking steps to improve your foot and movement health but if you’re still wearing conventional shoes most of the time it’s like taking one step forward and two steps back...

Knowing what shoe is right for you though can be super confusing.

That’s why we created The Guide to Foot Freedom.

We’ve taken everything our team of foot health experts have learned over the years and synthesised it into one handy manual packed with all you need to know about unleashing the natural power of your foundation.