Ten Tenets Of a TFC Pro

We are more than a collective; we are a movement of like-minded health professionals dedicated to reimagining foot and overall movement health.

As a part of this team, we strive to align ourselves not only with our professional knowledge and skills, but also with a core set of values and beliefs that underpin what we do.

Below, you will find the 'Ten Tenets of a TFC Pro'. These tenets are the foundation of our professional conduct, guiding our interactions, and informing our approach to health and wellness. By agreeing to these tenets, TFC Pros express their commitment to our collective mission and their readiness to be a part of the transformative journey we have embarked upon.

Please take the time to understand, internalize, and ultimately live by these tenets, as they are what binds us as a community and sets us apart in our mission to empower people towards healthier movement and better living.

  1. I share TFCs values of Truth, Fun, and Community (watch our podcast on these values here)

  2. My primary tool for helping people is education

  3. My approach aims to help people achieve foot freedom

  4. I believe natural footwear is essential for restoring healthy feet

  5. I’m curious and I love to play

  6. I lead by example

  7. I wear natural footwear

  8. I aspire to embody my work

  9. I believe health is a lifelong process, not a destination.

  10. My role as a TFC Pro is to help people gain the knowledge and skills so they may navigate that journey independently one day