Foot Exploration Kit [Wild Toes + Mobility Ball + Hacky]
Foot Exploration Kit [Wild Toes + Mobility Ball + Hacky]
Wild Toes and Mobility Ball is use to improve foot function
Wild toes [Toe Spacers + mini toe band]

Foot Exploration Kit [Wild Toes + Mobility Ball + Hacky]

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The ultimate kit to help you start exploring the endless possibilities right at your feet!

TFC Wild Toes toe spacers and resistance band will help reclaim optimal toe alignment while our eco-friendly cork mobility ball mobilises your feet, ankles and calves.

Then put it all to the test with a hacky handwoven in the highlands of Guatemala - the perfect tool for training the mobility, dexterity and coordination of your feet.

Includes lifetime access to our Foot Training System with guided exercises to help restore natural function.

✔ A pair of Toe Spacers (one for each foot)

✔ A Cork Mobility Ball

✔ A Hacky Sack (colour may vary)

✔ A Toe resistance band

✔ Lifetime access to TFC Foot Training System (link included in confirmation email)

Foot training can help:

✔ Realign the toes

✔ Stretch intrinsic foot muscles

✔ Improve balance

✔ Relieve foot pain and tension

✔ Improve posture and alignment 

✔ Increase foot mobility

For every order we donate 1% to help plant trees and support reforestation through our partnership with Reforest Now.

ReForest Now is an Australian Registered Charity created in 2008 by an unabated passion to reforest and regenerateAustralian rainforest ecosystems.

Its team of scientists, bush regenerators and nursery people work with partners and individuals around the world to restore critically endangered rainforest. 

Customer Reviews

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Nelson Hill (Washington, US)
Big Toe

So my wife has been a professional ballroom dancer most of her life, former world champion and an incredible coach and adjudicator since. A couple of years ago she developed stiffness and pain on the big toe ball joint (MTP)…
We tried various different ways to mobilize it, but pain was interfering with much of our efforts. I work in fitness and exercise therapy, and have followed The Foot Collective guys for a while and bought The Foot Restoration Kit! It has worked wonders for her foot! That pain is gone and the mobility is returning slowing…
Amazing product, and a far superior option than a visit to the doctor! The holistic approach takes time, but it allows the body to fo what’s needed to heal itself!!!
Thank you!

Mary Ward (Sydney, AU)
My sore feet

little hard ball feel 😊

Bonnie Scheibman (New York, US)
Foot Restoration Kit

Totally great

David Lennard (Brisbane, AU)
Excellent Tool for the journey!!!!!!!

I purchased the Foot exploration Kit to assist my journey in rebuilding my feet. I use it daily and totally recommend the product.

Gramma Mema (Sparks, US)
Explore my Feet Kit

These wild toes have helped my feet so much since multiple surgeries as well as the mobility ball, maybe someday I’ll be able to kick the Hacky sak


If they aren’t working the way they were designed to, everything upstream can suffer. Don’t settle for stiffness, aches and pains. We want to empower you with tools and training to restore natural, pain free function starting at the feet.

Explore Movement

Building a resilient and adaptable body doesn’t have to be boring! Free your feet and learn to play with movement.

Stretch Muscles

Reverse the negative effects of modern footwear by stretching and strengthening your feet.

Realign Toes

Healthy human feet have toes that spread apart! A wider toe splay will give you more balance and stability.

Free Training

Lifetime access to our Foot Training System with guided exercises from our head physio.

Our Guarantee

Our Wild Toes, Hacky Sacks & Mobility Balls have a 12 month guarantee. If you have any issues in this timeframe, just get in touch.

One Size Fits All

Toe Spacers are suitable for all adult foot sizes. They are designed to stretch across all foot widths.


Follow our free TFC Foot Training System to experience the benefits of all the tools in your TFC Kit.

Get out of foot pain and discomfort so that you can enjoy movement and explore your potential!


Our products and training are all aimed at improving foot mobility, strength and control as well as whole-body coordination and balance.

This training combined with a transition towards ‘natural’ footwear (and spending more time barefoot) is the best way to restore natural foot function.

Most people will find that this process will improve their condition and reduce or eliminate their pain, however there can be many other factors that contribute to the experience of pain and individualised guidance is key here.

To clean your Wild Toes gently wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly before use.