TFC Balance Beam [90cm]

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For those ready to take the next step on their barefoot journey and truly explore their potential, TFC Classic Beams are our ultimate tool for challenging balance through play.

Beam training is a fun and powerful way to help reclaim your hip and ankle stability, foot strength and mobility and improve your overall body awareness.

Through a daily practice, beaming can become a moving meditation that has endless benefits for the body and mind.

    ✔ Single Balance beam made of Merbau Timber

    ✔ A Pair of TFC Cork Cradles

    ✔ TFC Beam Training System

    Balance training can help:

    ✔ Realign the toes

    ✔ Stretch intrinsic foot muscles

    ✔ Improve balance

    ✔ Relieve foot pain and tension

    ✔ Improve posture and alignment 

    ✔ Increase foot mobility

    If you're just starting out on your feet/balance training journey and/or have been wearing supportive shoes and orthotics for many years, it's best to start with our TFC SoleMate.

    If you have some experience with strength and mobility training and have had plenty of exposure to movement in barefoot or natural footwear then you can go ahead and start with one of our more advanced Balance Beams.

    Whichever you choose, just don’t be surprised if it's harder than it looks at first - with consistent practice you will improve quickly!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Kyle Wood (Sydney, AU)
    One satisfied TFC Balance Beam customer

    I love my new TFC Balance Beam. After many years of self imposed exile from exercise, I decided it was time to invest in me and took up running. After 2 years of sore ankles, shins, and feet, I decided to take my routine a step further and improve my foot health. Not only is the balance beam fun (you don’t even know you are working out), the constant support and training programs provided by Jim make the product even better value for money.

    One super satisfied TFC customer.

    David Felgar (Sydney, AU)
    Cork beam cradles

    The cork cradles are a good item. You could easily screw a timber block to a piece of 50mm dowl, but for $30, this is an instant solution.
    Balance beam is trickier than you might think but, with time you start improving & having a bit of fun.
    Im enjoying the products, sticking my fingers between my toes & stretching into an orthodic free state of being ✅😁😁😁😁

    Paola Volante (Concepción, CL)
    Beautifully made and time flies playing on it!

    The beam is made of beautiful wood, extremely firm and well crafted, the edges are perfectly done and the color and touch are amazing! The cradles are also super firm and work perfect to sustain it, very well designed product! Playing on it is challenging, I won't lie, but with enough practice you'll be able to get into the flow state in no time! I do all my movement snacks of the day on it! Time flies when I'm playing with my lovely beam!

    John Monaghan (Dublin, IE)

    Foot Optimisation Kit

    David Brown (Sydney, AU)
    Game changer

    Change your life!!


    Our bodies are designed to function perfectly.

    Our modern lifestyle and daily habits are what cause us dysfunction.

    Learn how to free your feet, find your balance and play with movement pain-free!

    Restore Balance

    Building a resilient and adaptable body doesn’t have to be boring! Free your feet, find your balance and learn to play with movement.

    Stretch Muscles

    Reverse the negative effects of modern footwear by stretching and strengthening your feet.

    Free Training

    Includes access to free Beam Training with guided routines from our head physiotherapist.

    Australian Made

    Made in Australia using high quality, sustainably sourced (PEFC Certified) timber.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Our TFC Balance Beams are designed to last a lifetime. If you have any issues, just get in touch and we will send you a replacement!

    Reforest Now

    We donate 1% of every order to plant trees and support global reforestation.


    Daily beam training is a super fun and powerful way to reclaim hip and ankle stability, foot mobility and increase body awareness for injury prevention!


    Our products and training are all aimed at improving foot mobility, strength and control as well as whole-body coordination and balance.

    This training combined with a transition towards ‘natural’ footwear (and spending more time barefoot) is the best way to restore natural foot function.

    Most people will find that this process will improve their condition and reduce or eliminate their pain, however there can be many other factors that contribute to the experience of pain and individualised guidance is key here.

    If you are a complete beginner in the realm of foot or balance training and/or have been wearing supportive shoes and orthotics for many years, it is best to start with our Beginner Beam.

    If you have some experience with strength and mobility training and have had plenty of exposure to movement in barefoot or natural footwear then you can go ahead and start with one of our advanced beams.

    Whichever you choose, just don’t be surprised if it is harder than it looks at first - with consistent practice you will improve quickly!

    Our Balance Beams don't have a weight limit.

    You may experience some bowing in the middle of a 120cm beam when you stand on it. However the beam should always retain its shape.

    Our Aluminium beams are also made of aeroplane grade aluminium.

    Our beams all have a lifetime guarantee so if there are any issues, please get in contact with us and we will resolve them.

    All the Tasmanian Oak and Merbau Beams are 47mm in diameter, all of the Classic Aluminium Beams are 50mm in diameter and the Beginner Beams are 65mm wide.

    We recommend storing your beam inside, out of the elements.

    With regular use, the natural oils of your feet will maintain the integrity of our timber beams however a light coating of natural wood oil can also be applied to help protect your beam.

    Sweaty feet may also leave marks and smudging on the wood finish but this can be sanded down if you don't like the look - we actually like seeing the signs of use because its evidence of physical and mental practice.

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