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Fantastic shoe.

Feels solid, the fit is relaxed but supports your whole body. Eager to test it during winter time, so far so good!

Wild Toes
Sereya_barefoot (Toulouse, FR)
Perfect set for your foot health journey !

The toe spacers are very soft and can be worn indoors and outdoors, barefoot or in barefoot shoes. I really like wearing them during my yoga practice and strengthening workouts. The bands are excellent for toes strengthening. I would recommend them to anyone, beginners or foot health nerds.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Nicole (Ottawa, CA)
Love this kit!

Love this kit!

Chillum. Unisex (Vanilla)
Nicole (Medicine Hat, CA)

Comfortable barefoot shoe. More “normal” looking toe box than my LEMS runners and Chelsea boots.

Wild Toes
Janey (Melbourne, AU)
Great product

I love how soft and malleable they are and how comfortable they feel to wear for extended periods of time. My toes really love being in the spread position.

Wild Toes
Barbara Shweky (Kearny, US)
Wild Toed

It feels great to wear the wild toes.

TFC SoleMate Kit

So inspirational! This kit is great! I’m loving it more and more. Initially I bought it to soon after an injury so I had to patiently wait to heal enough to get the most out of this kit. But I’m so glad I got it.
The emails from this company are so helpful, with exercise info and inspo. So goood.
I did buy some other toe spacers online else where for very cheap but this kit is so well put together i recommend just buy it and enjoy the support and info in the foot collective emails.

Wild Toes
Leanne Corrie (Brisbane, AU)
Wild Toes Ease Woes

I have flat feet and terrible bunions. Since moving to QSD fro VIC I learnt about toe spacers after joining Zumba which I love so much. My arch supports were not suitable in hot and humid summers as all you want to do is wear barefeet around the home and swimming pool.
Your Wild Toe Spacers have made it comfortable to walk on hard floor boards and patio tiled areas without feeling discomfort.
I love them so much I just wish they could be strong enough to wear in my wide fit shoes for walking, hiking and Zumba classes. I have to revert to arch supports to do this. i love your foot and in particular, balance online programs. Like everyone Iw ish you had classes up here like Isaw recently on the news to be properly trained with technique.
My feet after years of wearing ill-fitted shoes, I need both feet to have bunion surgery. I love exercise too much so thank goodness for your toe spacers but they definitely get wear and tear.I changed brands because of this but I cannot compare now- Wild Toe Spacers straighten my bent toes after continus use and ease bunion pain

I am so happy with this purchase. I have tried many other brands and none of them seem to fit right. These fit perfectly.

Ultra III Bloom Women's (Moonstone/Grey)
Chris Ward (Montreal, CA)

Ultra III Bloom Women's (Moonstone/Grey)

Ultra III Bloom Women's (Obsidian)
Kathryn (Pointe-Fortune, CA)

I am really enjoying these shoes. I have used them for kayaking, swimming and gardening so far. They are easy to get on and off and the weigh almost nothing. A perfect shoe for active summer wear.

Surprisingly comfortable and versatile!

Visit the makers website for instructional videos on lacing and see how they look on peoples’ feet! I bought these because I wanted sandals made of natural materials. After a bit of time the leather stretches and they become quite easy to lace up and fit nicely. I wear them all the time.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Joanne DeLuca (Chapin, US)
Foot path

I’ve just begun using the all of the foot kit items. I was already following Petra Fisher’s exercises for feet. In the last couple of months I’ve had plantar fasciitis pain so trying to address that and strengthen my feet. The products are well made- they will help with my balance too. I’m 74 so balance is increasingly important

TFC SoleMate Kit
Renee B. (Smyrna, US)
Provides high-quality tools to heal my feet!

I was working on healing a shoulder injury, and upon working with a physical therapist, we realized that my entire balance was off. Turns out, the culprit was my feet. I had no idea how much I needed to work on the way I used my feet to walk/balance , so I was looking for any kind of at home tools to help. I discovered this kit, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the high-quality tools, amazing videos, and booklet that helps me work on healing my feet, so that the rest of my body can heal, too. It’s been such a blessing for me!

TFC Beam Cradles
Thomas Imron (Miami, US)
Exactly what I needed

The balance beam cradles allow me keep my beam steady in a small and transportable package.

Primal 3. Unisex (Black)
A. (Ottawa, CA)
Still great

I had a pair of Primal 2's and I came back for a new pair. If you're doing the same, keep in mind that they're a bit smaller now. I needed half a size larger than before.

Primus Lite III. Men's (Obsidian)
Nick Gauthier (Ottawa, CA)
new path

first time having proper natural footwear. I wear them everywhere and for everything now. Slowly going to swap all my footwear over.

These are super lightweight and very breathable.

Warriors Leather. Unisex (Black)
Joyce Ford (Carleton Place, CA)

Warriors Leather. Unisex (Black)

Perfect for rough trails

These fit exactly like my other vivos I wear for everyday activities and runs but have a slightly thicker sole with some good tread. I ran the Beast in these after buying them. No need to break them in. Big race done with zero blisters and all the benefits of footshaped shoe running. The mud stayed outside of the shoe and my socks stayed dry.

TFC Pro Membership
Hayley Brown (Stroud, GB)
Fantastic resource and community

I have found the TFC Pro Membership to be a brilliant resource for my own personal practice but also for building my skills and learning more about the feet. The TFC approach is refreshing and inspiring and brings a playful and fun element to my work with clients. I love using the app and the fact that I can dip in and out when I need to and work through the different challenges. It has made me reflect on my role as a movement teacher but also on the experience of learners and how to offer more effective ways to support them on their movement journey! I highly recommend signing up for membership!

Foot Restoration Kit
Amy M (Washington, US)
Love this kit

Problems with my feet have persisted for years since my job requires I stand all day. Soon my knees were involved and my yoga practice began to suffer. I bought this kit in the recommendation of a friend and my feet have begun to strengthen and change after 2 weeks! My toes are waking up! (Unfortunately my dog crewed the cork ball before I could use it very much but that's okay I'll order another.) I am loving these products.

TFC SoleMate
Gabatron (Bunbury, AU)
Worthwhile challenge

I’ve suffered planta fasciitis twice now
and have found this very beneficial in the strengthening part of the recovery as well as constantly improving my balance, love it!

Correct Toes - Plum
Michel Doiron (Sherbrooke, CA)
Correct Toes

Perfect fit, work as described. The representative did help us to solve our problems with wrong size.

TFC SoleMate Kit
A.W. (Perth, AU)
Now I’m a barefoot physio

The toe resistance bands are one of a kind, my favourite piece!! I bought this as a gift for my husband and we both get plenty of use from the whole kit. The toe spacers are very comfy, the hackey sack, roller and balance beam make foot exercise fun! I love the eco- friendly design. Worth every cent 💯

TFC SoleMate
Kim (New Westminster, CA)
Great training aid

The SoleMate is great! Product was just as described. The cork is solid and sturdy. The shape allows you to massage between each bone depending on how you stand. The gentle rounding arc on top looks the toes to stretch out on either side for balance. Highly recommend the SoleMate if you have any foot or ankle pain or issues developing.