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Magic and fun

My feet are so happy! Even a few minutes at a time on the cork is making a difference in my foot health. Already seeing a difference in my bunion! It’s fun too just seeing where my balance level is fun . Very happy with my purchase.

Those slant blocks have been so so helpful for me, I am glad I purchased those!!🙏

Wonderful, my feet love it!

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III. Women's (eucalyptus)
Camille-Audrée Lefebvre (Mississauga, CA)
Love them!

Very nice first pair thinking eventually to get the Trail knit Fg! Thanks Nice quick services and delivery

TFC SoleMate [Foot + Balance + Mobility Tool]
Veronica Sutherland (Sydney, AU)
Fun and effective!!

Our classes have every participant using the solemate to not only focus on foot health but improve kinetic chain all the way up prior to our movement classes. Undoing years or even just the end of a long day in shoes should start on these amazing tools. Not to mention the fun factor - humans move better when they are relaxed and happy allowing them to get far more value from our classes. Before and after proof of instant relief of foot pain and tension but also many other areas. Those who have restrictions anywhere in the body may just find their solemate play time releases that as well. We love our solemates and also forever thankful for the wholesale program which made it possible to buy a full class set. Thank you TFC!!

Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot Grip. Unisex (dakota)
Sugumar Prabhakaran (Montreal, CA)
Love it

The boots fit great and are made well. The materials are quality and it looks good. Very happy with my choice and just hope they last a long time. There are not many options out there for wide toe box boots so thank you LEMS.

TFC SoleMate [Foot + Balance + Mobility Tool]
Tom De Santis (Melbourne, AU)
Incredible technology

I’ve had ongoing feet problem for 3 years and this is the best progress I’ve ever had

Cork Mobility Ball
Heather Rogers (Brisbane, AU)
Rounding along

I have 2 cork balls , so I can roll along everywhere. Now pain has gone and I’m smiling. Thanks guys

Mobility Made Fun!

I love that the YouTube training videos make Training fun. I previously had been working on my feet with yoga and Functional Range Conditioning but this is the most fun I’ve had and I can tell it’s really working.

Lems Primal 2. Unisex (black)
David Boudreau (Halifax, CA)
Lems Primal 2

These are amazing! Hands down some of the best shoes I've ever purchsed. I love my Vivobarefoot's but these are extremly comfortable, my daily go to shoe. My third purchase from Sole Freedom, awesome company to deal with! My order came super fast, I was shocked how quick they got here!

Thank you Sole Freedom Team for always selling quality products and having excellent customer service!

I'm a customer for life!

Stop looking, Just buy them!


I’m so glad I’ve purchased the sole mate kit , my feet are feeling a lot better, I still have a minor problem with my heal but it’s fading, the exercises are fun to do and challenge my balance which is great .. thanks

Terrific product

Great Christmas presents, the gift that will keep on giving. One for the kids and one for their grandparents. Great for all ages.

Wild Toes [Toe Spacers + Resistance Band]
Clemmo Vaughncenzo (New York, US)
Splayed Teauxs and Bamboo Floors

These are my third set of Wild Toes over the span of four years. This specific pair came with an elastic flex band for function and strengthening on my big toes.

Being a former collegiate and professional athlete I battled through not only poor protective restrictive footwear but I also had bouts of severe turf toe. I struggled with blood flow to my toes and there was a time where I could barely wiggle or move my toes individually without it being a fight.

Since wearing these “braces for my feet” my mobility and blood flow has increased tremendously. My two big toes are as flexible as they’ve ever been and the elastic band has help to reduce major pain in big toe allowing for them them to correct splay close to natural state. I wear them as much as I possibly can and challenge myself to the limit to break scar tissue suffered from my playing days, as a matter of fact, I’m going to put them on now as I type this, routine. So speak soon!



So much fun!

We love having the SoleMate in our house! It has been fun for adults and our kids! We have started out by just playing with it and keeping it out in our room. I can't wait to start incorporating more exercises with it!


Such a great product. Been using for a few weeks now and have already seen massive improvement. Can’t wait to keep progressing.

Tolos Archetype 1.0 (white, unisex)
Forrest (Kitchener, CA)
Best decision!

Heard a lot of great things about these shoes and now that I have tried them I can also rave about how sweet they really are! No more foot prisons for me haha. These are seriously a well designed shoe and built with the anatomy of the foot in mind. To note about sizing, I am normally a size 10.5-11 shoe but with these I had to go to a size 11.5. Hope this helps!

Wild Toes [Toe Spacers + Resistance Band]
jed wiebe (Salmon Arm, CA)
toe spacers

These seem good. I'll get a second pair in summer to modify (cut one section off) to use with sandals in summer

Foot Optimisation Kit
Tomas Krajca (Sydney, AU)
Great product

Hi, thanks for the foot optimization kit, I really like that I can just have it next to my work desk and hop on it whenever. I would say it's a little overpriced compared to DIY but great product nevertheless.

Awesome Boots

Sorry for the delay in writing. I waited for snow to commission them :-)


Perfect! Loved the feel and fit. Perfect for wearing with all my barefoot footwear

Cork Mobility Ball
Peter Krawitz (Brisbane, AU)
Great addition to sole mate

The cork ball feels amazing! Great to massage my feet and stretch my toes! Feels great!

TFC Pro Membership
Joyce Day (East Peoria, US)
Super excited to be partnering with The Foot collective

I am already teaching fascial techniques that address the feet in my small studio here in Illinois. I was beyond excited to find the foot collective and partner with them to teach foot strength and mobility techniques as well!

Wife Loves Them

Very comfy. Gives her feet the comfort, freedom and dressy look! If Sole Freedom can stock more business /dress selections from Xero that would be amazing as this is a hard option to find in minimalist foot wear.