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TFC SoleMate Kit
Randy Rider (Douglas, US)

Love the product

Foot Exploration Kit
Nadia (Huntersville, US)
Just Starting

I have had the exploration kit for several weeks and can tell the difference. I started using the tools once a day in the evening, and after seeing a difference, I also started using them in the morning. During the day, I have been aware of feeling the stance of my feet, especially my big toe. I recommend watching their videos to strengthen your practice. This is a good start. I do plan to purchase other tools in the future.

Tip: Make time, and you will see a difference. Start with a few minutes a day and build your practice.

TFC Pro Membership
Mickaël Elisa (Ligné, FR)
TFC is very complementary

I have been a Pilates teacher for 9 years and the TFC tools are very complementary for working on the lower limbs in a standing position.
The progress is spectacular. The fact that it came in the form of games is very pleasing. My clients can practice the exercises in their homes, with a program and it's really great!

Leguano Go. Unisex (Black)
Howard (Rome, IT)
Super comfortable

Like the shape. Fit well without pinching. The shoe breathes, minimal sweating. Seems to be decently "grippy".

TFC SoleMate Kit
KBee (Flinders, AU)
It helps

The podiatrist told me my pronating, flat feet were so bad, my only option was to encase them in rigid, built-up shoes immediately. My exercise physiologist believed differently, and steered me towards the Foot Collective. So, I bought the Solemate kit and started using it.

I know I'm in it for the long haul, but with the daily exercises and the right equipment, I can already see improvement. The orthotics can wait.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Lisa Baird (Dublin, US)
This could be life changing!

I'm 62 with multiple foot problems. Began with just following the videos and using modified equipment of my own (rolled up towel, balled up socks, etc.)
I've now purchased the Solemate kit and working my way through various videos. Trying to sort through them to find those most suited to my own issues .
Already seeing some improvement. I can't believe how much material you have available online!
Thank you for making all of this available.

TFC Balance Beam
Nelson Valencia (Encino, US)
Balance Beam

Ecellent product

TFC SoleMate Kit
Kathy B (Old Forge, US)
I only used it twice

I only used it twice and was liking it very much, but the next day I fell at work, sprained my foot very badly and now I have been easing into it again. It was actually able to use the toe spacers all through the sprain, now I just need to be able to use the rest! I do live everything I have used so far!

Great Boots, Great Service

I'm very impressed with Sole Freedom and their customer service. I purposely bought from Sole Freedom, and not the Vivobarefoot store because I was buying a clearance item, and Vivobarefoot wouldn't do returns on clearance items.

When I received my boots, I wasn't sure of the fit. Customer service said I could wear them around the house for 30 days, and if I felt they wouldn't work, they would do one free return or exchange. I decided to keep they boots, but was very impressed with their helpful attitude and willingness to do a return/exchange.

The boots are great. Lightweight, lots of toe room. Rugged enough to splash through puddles, but nice enough to dress up. I bought them as an in-between boot for when it's too cold/wet for shoes, but to warm/wet for winter boots. I look forward to getting lots of wear from them!

Foot Restoration Kit
Ethan Phelps (Chicago, US)
Pleasantly Surprised

I’ve tried other sets of toe separators and I really like these ones. I wasn’t sure at first because my shoe size is a 17 and sometimes sizing is difficult. They’re comfortable and work as they should.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Rachel Hester (Burlington, US)
Feet Exercise and Playground

I recently purchased one of the kits that has the cork balance bean, toe separators, the foot roller and toe band. After one month of use it does feel good to use the toe separators and the toe band. I know it will take time to undo the damage improper shoes caused, but I am well on my way.

I love the balance cork. It brings me back to my childhood where everything was a balance beam. I feel like a kid again, but with a lot less balance. I have been working on core and hip exercises due to a torn meniscus and bulging disc in my back. This balance cork gives me even more exercises to work on. I am actually starting to get good at it too and it's fun.

The videos on YouTube have given me different ideas on how I can graduate to different levels of exercise, as I progress. I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to help out the part os the body who support us each and everyday.

Thanks Foot Collective!!!!

TFC Explorer Membership
Michael Greaves (Brisbane, AU)
Sore feet

Absolutely love TFC membership it has given me direction and faith in the fact that there is a path to helping myself get out of foot pain with plenty excellent information and encouragement. Cheers guys

TFC SoleMate Kit
Ashley Vandergrift (Los Angeles, US)
Great tools

I love all the tools to get my feet back to working like they are supposed to. The cork feels good on the feet was a little harsh at first but now it just feels good. Playing with the hacky is actually a lot of fun, I use that as a movement break during work when I can't focus. And after only a few weeks my feet are noticeably more flexible especially my big toes that I injured about 15 years ago. And I can already almost get into a low squat without my heels elevated. The information provided on the YouTube channel and the podcasts are so great and really good for explaining the why, which is something I really need to motivate myself.

Wild Toes
Fiona M (Tamworth, AU)
I love my Wild Toes!

Over the years my feet have gotten worse and worse despite the use of orthotics and "supportive" shoes. I may have a long way to go to restoring good foot health but my wild toes allow me to walk around bare foot on my hard wooden floors without issue. Previously I couldn't stand not having shoes on for more than 5 minutes as I have a spur in my left heel. With the wild toes and better footwear, I feel that my feet will slowly heal. Even if they never get close to completely as they should be, I know they have already changed for the better.

TFC SoleMate
Catherine Parker (Brisbane, AU)
TFC soulmate

I love my Soulmate, it is such a versatile product for strengthening my feet and improving my overall balance. It can be used in different ways depending on your level. This is a quality product which is very durable. I love all of the balancing exercises that can be done on this with the single leg or double leg option. The design is very smart the way it can help open up your toes and spread around the cork material. It's also a lot of fun as there are so many exercises you can do with it. It has definitely improved my strength in my feet and I have less pain due to the soulmate. This is something you will have forever and is so easy to just stand on and feel the work happening in your feet and legs. Smart design, thank you to the Foot collective for creating such a great tool. My Pilates clients love it too!

TFC SoleMate Kit
Jo H (Marcellus, US)
This has been a great product

I have been experiencing foot and ankle pain for about 4 years. I have tried many types of orthopedic insoles and higher priced shoes. In spite of these measures to reduce my ankle and foot pain, I still had pain. I ordered Solemate because my employer gave us an incentive to purchase a health related item with reimbursement. I have been using Solemate since the day I received it about 3 weeks ago and I have noticed a change already. My ankles seem to be much more flexible and the pain is greatly reduced. I am now working on my balance with Solemate and it really is quite fun. This is really worth the money and I wish I had found it years ago. Looking forward to many more years of use of my Solmate items!

Foot Exploration Kit
Brooke Cairns (Melbourne, AU)
They actually work!

I’ve tried toe separates before and they didn’t work, but gave your brand ago. I found the toe separates are awkward but comfortable at the same time. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone.

Foot Restoration Kit
Bill McCabe (Santa Monica, US)
Immediate relief

Immediately made my feet feel better and relieved stress and tension.

Foot Exploration Kit

Wild Toes
Christy Wiebenga (Hamilton, US)
Excellent tool to improve foot health and mobility!

I appreciate Wild Toes as a beginning tool to correct and free my foot health & mobility. I'm finding The Foot Collective to be an instructive and supportive resource while I learn more and put those things into practice.

TFC Explorer Membership
Cassandra Arnold (Pulborough, GB)
Inspiring Education

This community has everything you need to make lasting change. So much high quality education. People sharing their journey, cheering each other on, finding creative ways to add the exercises to their days.

It was a real eye opener to me to realize how out of touch I was with my body. I love the play-based approach they take. The balance training is especially addictive.

There are a lot of memberships available online, but this one is the real thing.

TFC SoleMate
Jonathan Harrison (Sydney, AU)
Quality Product

Great presentation and a good quality product.
Lot’s of support and activities to participate in.
It’s simplicity is its best attribute.

TFC Pro Welcome Kit
Linda Ring (Pomfret, US)
Pro Welcome Kit

I was so happy to receive the Pro Welcome Kit! The tools are simple, easy to use, and super lightweight, so it's really easy to grab and go, and take the tools with you wherever you go. The solemate feels so good on my feet, and I love how you can stretch every part of your foot and toes, in every direction. It's a great kit!

Very comfortable

Probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. No seams, slipping, or digging get in the way. Very happy wearing these all day long.

Wearing a half size up but could have probably gone a full size up.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Mike P (Sydney, AU)
You won't regret buying!

Love it! As a physio and trail runner, this is the best system I've found for strengthening my feet and ankles. Highly recommend