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TFC Pros are health and movement professionals dedicated to reimagining health from the ground up.

TFC Pros strive to align themselves not only with their professional knowledge and skills, but also with a core set of values and beliefs that underpin what they do.

Below, you will find the Tenets of a TFC Pro. These tenets are the foundation of our professional conduct, guiding our interactions, and informing our approach to health and wellness.

By agreeing to these tenets, TFC Pros express their commitment to our collective mission and their readiness to be a part of the transformative journey we have embarked upon.

Please take the time to understand, internalize, and ultimately live by these tenets, as they are what binds us as a community and sets us apart in our mission to empower people towards healthier movement and better living.

  1. I share TFCs values of Truth, Fun, and Community (watch our podcast on these values here)
  2. My primary tool for helping people is education
  3. My approach aims to help people achieve foot freedom
  4. I believe natural footwear is essential for restoring healthy feet
  5. I’m curious and I love to play
  6. I lead by example
  7. I wear natural footwear
  8. I aspire to embody my work
  9. I believe health is a lifelong process, not a destination.
  10. My role as a TFC Pro is to help people gain the knowledge and skills so they may navigate that journey independently one day

Join our mission to redefine foot health.

Become a TFC Pro and be part of a community of forward-thinking health professionals who believe in empowering patients with knowledge, skills, and the right tools.

We aim to inspire a cultural shift in foot health and how it's treated globally - and we want you to be a part of it.


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Enjoy 50% off all wholesale products (excluding kits) from our store or earn commission for recommending our tools to your clients.


Connect with a private community of like-minded professionals to share with and learn from.


Your initial sign up includes a free TFC Pro Welcome Kit with all of our most popular tools.

For every order we donate 1% to help plant a tree through our partnership with Reforest Now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Hayley Brown (Stroud, GB)
Fantastic resource and community

I have found the TFC Pro Membership to be a brilliant resource for my own personal practice but also for building my skills and learning more about the feet. The TFC approach is refreshing and inspiring and brings a playful and fun element to my work with clients. I love using the app and the fact that I can dip in and out when I need to and work through the different challenges. It has made me reflect on my role as a movement teacher but also on the experience of learners and how to offer more effective ways to support them on their movement journey! I highly recommend signing up for membership!

Sebastian Curatore (Melbourne, AU)
The Missing Link

The pain and suffering ends with the TFC who is doing a brilliant job in guiding the world back to its senses after more the 1000 years of fashionable footwear nonsense.

What an outstanding product that provides the tools and educational videos to guide me and my clients to foot freedom. A structured, precise & long term solution.

I've been seeing a client recently post foot surgery. Her surgeon was amazed at her rehabilitation and was surprised to learn about TFC & natural footwear, he didn't even know it existed!

I wish TFC the best of luck in their mission to make this the gold standard world wide and I hope it will be used in universities & rehab settings alike. Listening to the pro podcasts further reinforces the importance and keeps me even more passionate and motivated.

To conclude, as a Myotherapist in Australia, TFC has helped me solve multiple biomechanical problems with my clients. I stock all their products and teach my clients using the videos provided. Everyone wins.

Thanks TFC

Andrea McIntyre (Ottawa, CA)
TFC Pro Welcome Kit

I love the kit. It is perfect. I am amazed how truly easy it is ti use and also with some foot changes.

Mickaël Elisa (Ligné, FR)
TFC is very complementary

I have been a Pilates teacher for 9 years and the TFC tools are very complementary for working on the lower limbs in a standing position.
The progress is spectacular. The fact that it came in the form of games is very pleasing. My clients can practice the exercises in their homes, with a program and it's really great!

Linda Ring (Pomfret, US)
Pro Welcome Kit

I was so happy to receive the Pro Welcome Kit! The tools are simple, easy to use, and super lightweight, so it's really easy to grab and go, and take the tools with you wherever you go. The solemate feels so good on my feet, and I love how you can stretch every part of your foot and toes, in every direction. It's a great kit!


We are contacted daily by humans across the globe looking for health professionals they can trust who will help them put their best foot forward.

We are building a network of practitioners who align with our values that we can refer our community to.

Stand out as a trusted provider who looks beyond symptomatic treatments and helps patients explore their true potential.


By becoming a TFC Pro, you can contribute to a collective effort that aims to shift the culture around foot health.

Join weekly live calls with our TFC Pro leaders or engage in community forums to deeply explore health topics and connect with fellow pros.

Together, we can empower individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to regain control of their foot and movement health.