TFC Balance Beams


Play is the ideal approach for learning and refining movement skills in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

The more movement skills we possess and enjoy practicing regularly, the greater quantity, quality and variety of movement nutrients our body will receive.

From a physical perspective this is exactly what our body needs in order to function optimally - without frequent and varied movement, it is impossible to thrive in the long-term.

Our bodies also become more adaptable and resilient to injury, which prepares us for unexpected situations and unfamiliar environments.

Using a TFC hacky sack whilst doing a handstand
Beam and hacky play

From a psychosocial point of view, play provides the perfect avenue to connect with our family, friends and community.

Play also has an amazing capacity for connecting us with our environment and especially for spending time in nature

When we explore a natural environment with curiosity, through activities like hiking, scrambling, tree-climbing, rock-hopping and swimming, we can be more fully present and develop a deeper sense of understanding and gratitude for our place within it. 

All three of these aspects - movement, connection with community and time in nature - are well documented to be extremely beneficial for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Play can act as a powerful conduit between them all, enhancing the benefits of each one and adding its own element of magic.