Refund policy

Return Policy

Our return policy at TFC is very simple: If the products you purchased don't fit or you aren't happy with the products you can return them for a full product refund (purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs), as long as we can re-sell the product as new. That means no dirt, no smell and no signs of outdoor wear and tear. If you wouldn't be happy receiving the product as new, it makes it very hard for us to accept it as a return although our priority is to make sure everyone is happy with their purchase and we deal with each case individually.

We recommend wearing your new shoes indoors around the house to make sure they fit and you enjoy the feel before wearing them outside.

We set a timeline of 60 days from purchase date to at least contact us and explain that you wish to return items purchased. After 60 days has passed we will accept returns but for store credit rather than refund to your method of payment. Returns will not be accepted 90 days beyond the date of purchase.

Any returns that cross the Australian border must have proper documentation stating that "the package is a return of goods to Australia". Otherwise we are subject to an import tariff and or brokerage fee to receive them back. In this case any fees will be deducted from the refund of the original purchase.

For any product you want to return, please send us an email to with your order number, details of the product you are sending back and the reason for return and we will provide a return label.

If an item is being returned because it is faulty/damaged/didn't work we will cover the cost of the return, otherwise the cost will be passed onto the customer.