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Foot Optimization Kit
Mary Carpinelli (Union, US)
Fun with feet

I am dealing with morton’s neuroma as well as other muscle pain conditions. I purchased the balance beam with foot optimization kit. The tools and videos are proving to be very beneficial, as well as fun, which goes a long way in keeping me consistent with my exercises. I am seeing improvements already. Keep the new exercise programs coming!

Beat. Unisex (Anthracite)
Justin Rule (Ottawa, CA)
Great service, great shoes

Most comfortable shoes ive ever own. First barefoot shoe

Scott III Eco. Men's (Obsidian)
Carl C. (Sherbrooke, CA)

I've been wearing them during the recent cold weeks, and they are quite comfortable. I didn't feel the cold at all.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Jan M (Melbourne, AU)
Love it

I have plantar fasciitis and thought there'd have to be a better way to help heal and manage it than orthotics. I purchased the right shoes and TFC Solemate kit and it's been slow and steady but so much better. It just makes sense and it's fun and you start at your fitness level.

Informative and fun

I'm a bodyworker and see the effects of poor foot health every day on my table. This playshop let me feel for myself the benefits of Solemate products and I can now confidently recommend the products to my clients. Thanks!

TFC SoleMate Kit
Marlene H (Bar Harbor, US)
Therapeutic and educational

I've only had my kit a few weeks, but I already notice my feet responding to the exercises and stretches! I especially appreciate all the guidance available online (for free) and the very actionable recommendations for improving foot function. I'm sure that with patience and consistency the SoleMate Kit will lead to great benefits and reduced pain for me. Excellent products and support!

TFC SoleMate Kit
Matt Ryan (Perth, AU)
Helping my feet to help my whole body

Through committing to improve my foot strength and mobility, I have seen positive effects throughout my body. My hips and lower back feel less stress as a starter. Loving the progress

TFC SoleMate
Paul Aplin (Brisbane, AU)
Pauls review

I have nerve damage in feet so don't expect fantastic results however does seem to help mobility but so far not much on the balance side

TFC SoleMate Kit
Joan Mabie (Marion, US)

I am a personal training doing my best to educate my clients, challenge them and watch their joy in learning about the importance of their FEET!
Great set of tools, well made and fun to play on.. Buy this, be better every day!

TFC SoleMate
Dan Anderson (Miami, US)
Great for Tool for Foot Health

I recently bought the SoleMate from The Foot Collective for my wife, and let me tell you, it has been a game-changer! She’s always been conscious about her foot health, and this little tool seemed like the perfect addition to her routine. When it arrived, we were both eager to give it a try.

Who knew taking care of your feet could be so much fun? We turned it into a little competition, seeing who could balance longer or complete the most of the exercises. It not only became a part of our daily wellness routine but also added a bit of fun and bonding time for us.

Cork Mobility Ball
Catherine McEwen (Reston, US)
Love the cork mobility ball!

I really like this ball, and enjoy using it.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Diane Olson (Apex, US)
Use it every day

Love the videos and practice with the Solemate every day. Hoping to get my feet back to their natural state, but a long way to go. The videos are such good help!

Primus Trail II FG. Men's (Obsidian)
John Revell (Ottawa, CA)
Amazing shoes

I bought these to hike in the hot rocky mountains of Turkey - I haven't even left yet, but I've been 'breaking them in' and they have rapidly become my favorite shoe. I have Primus Trails, nut these are vastly superior, esoecially for the grippinrss of the sole. I used them first up the Luskville Falls Trail on a hot sunny day, and they were like glue on the rock. There's a freedom in these particular solesvthat us completely amazing!

TFC SoleMate Kit
Best new tool

Love the balance challenge, I use it for progressing clients who can already balance well on stability cushion or balance board. The wild toes have been a joy

TFC SoleMate Kit
Tamela Giroux (Clarksville, US)
Just what my feet need!

Love the tools for feet mobility. I incorporate them into my everyday workouts.

FUN & easily adaptable if you're beginning your journey

I have active plantar fasciopathy, and walk a lot and/or am on my feet often for my job. I am so glad I took the leap and did the playshop! Knowing it was coming up on the calendar gave me incentive to begin doing foot strength work. More importantly, the playshop was eye-opening. I loved being in the room with other people interested in natural movement, loved the spirit of fun -- and yes, it was a fun, enjoyable experience!! (My face got a workout from laughing and smiling so much -- not just a workout for my feet!) If you're nervous about whether or not to take the leap (especially if you're just beginning your journey), please know you can adapt exercises and still participate. I modified nearly everything for my current ability and comfort level. Yet I was able to participate fully in everything and have lots of fun! Jim and the team are very responsive if you have questions or need to chat 1:1 during a break. Very supportive all around from other participants and the TFC team. Highly recommend for all, including those of us just beginning our natural movement journey.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Jane Evans (Melbourne, AU)
So simple, yet effective…and enjoyable. Really!

I love my SoleMate kit. Simply, it has given me awareness of my feet and why/how they function - or dis-function which has caused me to lose balance and fall over in the past. Not anymore! After using the cork half pipe for just a short period each day I walk more confidently, with my feet landing how I need them to land. When I first used solemate I noticed my forefoot was tight in my shorter weaker leg, so I focus on that to gently stretch. I do heel raises, squats, and stretch my toes upwards on the sole mate, stand on one foot, toe taps etc. I just play around…it feels good to regain control.

Amazing event - highly recommend!!

The Chicago Playshop was a blast. We learned a lot and had a great time. The TFC team did a fantastic job of communicating and making everybody feel comfortable.

TFC Pro Membership
Sebastian Curatore (Melbourne, AU)
The Missing Link

The pain and suffering ends with the TFC who is doing a brilliant job in guiding the world back to its senses after more the 1000 years of fashionable footwear nonsense.

What an outstanding product that provides the tools and educational videos to guide me and my clients to foot freedom. A structured, precise & long term solution.

I've been seeing a client recently post foot surgery. Her surgeon was amazed at her rehabilitation and was surprised to learn about TFC & natural footwear, he didn't even know it existed!

I wish TFC the best of luck in their mission to make this the gold standard world wide and I hope it will be used in universities & rehab settings alike. Listening to the pro podcasts further reinforces the importance and keeps me even more passionate and motivated.

To conclude, as a Myotherapist in Australia, TFC has helped me solve multiple biomechanical problems with my clients. I stock all their products and teach my clients using the videos provided. Everyone wins.

Thanks TFC

TFC SoleMate Kit
Tawnia Litwin (San Francisco, US)
Fun toe stretches!

Arrived quickly and having fun balancing and toe stretching. Way too much fun to call it working g out.

TFC SoleMate Kit
Shannon S H (Bowling Green, US)
These are great tools and the videos are so helpful

The quality of each item is great and an added bonus and necessity are the training videos. I am so motivated to get my feet better than ever before after years of pain and surgeries

TFC SoleMate Kit
Kimberly Bliss (New York, US)
So far so good!

Chronic plantar fasciitis and I will try ANYTHING. Finally got the kit and even after one week I've noticed a difference. My feet hurt so badly I can only do some of the exercises, but baby steps. It's getting better and slowly I can do more. Looking forward to being able to walk pain free!

Exactly as described. Shipped quickly.

Cork Mobility Ball
Ross Cairns (Springville, US)
Love it

Rolling my foot every night with it and I love it!

TFC SoleMate Kit
Philippa Hutton (Sydney, AU)
Quality product

This is a very solid and quality product. I feel like my feet are getting a really good workout.